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The Story

You've just inherited the estate of your distant relative, Dr. Hague Shoal, who disappeared nearly a century ago.

His home has been abandoned for decades, and the real-estate company refuses to send any more appraisers. They insist that you go and clear out the property yourself.

What's the big deal?
What happened to the appraisers?
And what's that scraping sound coming from the walls?

HUSK is a short, atmospheric horror game taking you through the story of Dr. Shoal, as you uncover his past, and the horror that awaits in his decrepit home.


Keyboard & Mouse (⌨️🖱️)

Walk W,A,S,D  or Arrow Keys

About the Project

Our goal with HUSK was to create an unsettling,  creepy experience, that's accessible for people who can't handle jump-scares.

This project was originally started as a Halloween Game Jam project for our small community discord server,  "McSingles".  After the jam, we continued to develop it further, resulting in what you see today!


Credits & Social Links
NameRoleSocial Links
Michael WolfGame Director, Lead Engineer
Sarah ChoLead Illustrator     
Eric LeeTechnical Artist, Engineer  
Yann JoslinAudio Engineer & Designer
Kei MatsuoAudio Designer 
Daniel RamosAudio Designer 
Seth LeueComposer 
Matthew MillerWriter, Design Assistant
Josh BalthazarProduction Assistant   
Jamie CustodioArtist, Animator    
Chi NgoArtist 


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HUSK_Beta_Windows 140 MB
Version v0.2.0-b-h1
HUSK_Beta_Mac 144 MB
Version v0.2.0-b-h1

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loved it

I got really scared while playing!

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/m-ZJ-xUs984


Very spooky!


This, is ELON HUSK


Great game!


this was probably one of the most beautiful games i've played in a while, The art style was so top notch.

When examining something it would zoom in and be so nice to look at.

I can't quite place it, but this game had me captured until the end.

Here is my playthrough of the game if you would like to give it a watch,and thank you for making such a well polished game :P

Thanks for the kind words! :)


Nice short game!



love your game :):):) love your game :):):)

Thanks for playing!


I like how it went to 2d to 3d 


Hey, coming back to say Husk made it to #2 on my top 3 games of 2021! I really appreciate this game so much even almost a year later with its mixed visuals, game play and story line. The scares were just enough to be jarring and stick with a player to be alert that whole time. Thank you again! 

Glad to hear we made it into your top list!


Olá, venho através desse texto dizer que simplesmente amei demais esse jogo, fiz uma gameplay e tomei alguns sustos que me deixou bem satisfeito. FIca aqui minha recomendação, não só pra assistir essa gameplay, como também pra jogar e sentir essa experiencia incrivel que é desse jogo. Sucesso a todos que fizeram também gameplays, Tamo juntos.


The first thing I though when I saw the painting glowing after picking up the key was "Do you remember our venerable house?"


So refreshing to be spooked without being jump scared or chased by anything  :D  really enjoyed this, thank you!


Skip to 28:09 for HUSK!


Odlična igrica, razumljiva i kratka, točno kakva bi i trebala biti, priča sa 4 komad papira je super, i samo čudovište koje dolazi po tebe je veoma zanimljiv, radujem se još ovakvim igricama!


(starts at 1:16) Defend yourself horror games are the best because.. you have your life on the line, 10/10, lots of scares!


This was really interesting. I wish the monster had a bit more to it, but it was a fun experience all around.

Husk starts at 12:42 of the video.


I gave it a go - 19:54 - 

why in the hell was buddy following me...YOU ARE NOT MY PET!! lmao great game coming from Michael Wolf. 

Nice short Spooky game! I got chills from this quite a few times!

Nice, Short but nice. Gave me a few chills. Like the ambiance.


Fantastic game! I love how you altered between 3d models and beautiful 2d artwork. I followed you so I can keep up with your work. Thanks Michael Wolf! Your game starts at 16:18.

I played this game on my channel and gave honest opinions about it. Please do check it out and let me know what you think! 

why, why, why.... wHY WHWHWHHYYHYHHYHY

Cool Game.


Made gameplay on this game hopes u like it. 


A great game!

Pra quem não manja muito de inglês mas mesmo assim queria entender a história:


Hi i am a youtuber from Malaysia! This is a video about Husk! Hope you enjoy it!  I suggest that you can add some horror background music to the game, so it will become more interesting! Overall the game is nice, and the ending is funny, but i like it! Thank you for doing this game!

(1 edit)

Very interesting game! Loved the interaction 


I finally played this game and it was very fun!


this's such a good horror game. keep it up!


Very well made game. I love it. It gave me good scares. Keep up with it!

btw if you are interested, here is video of your game:


The enemy is a spider right? *wink* *wink*

Great Game :D



Created by Jaboblu

Amazing game, I love the art. This game was generally scary, especially when I ran into the first creature.

I enjoyed this game so much, I usually hate the ones where you can die because some of the indie shorts get down so hard on the player but this had a really intuitive learning curve even for someone like me (who never gets it and takes ages to figure things out).
Loved the story and how you managed to tell it with just a few documents and object prompts. There were some lovely details that showed that you really looked at the whole picture and not just single elements of the game. This looked, played and felt great, can’t wait for your next game.


I liked it, the fading spider freaked me out a few times and the transition scene's art style was high quality. I wouldn't mind seeing an entire game in that art style, maybe something 2d. Short, compact experience that is high quality and doesn't overstay its welcome, thank you.

Right off the bat the game gave me a heavy atmosphere so I just tried to shake it off by saying nonsense. The game was really good up until the dev/s puts a flashlight in the game. I'm like "Do you really have to do this?" the atmosphere in the game is already heavy dammit. but even though it is really spoopy I can't believe I managed myself to finish this game. This game right here is the real stuff. great game!

p.s game starts at 09:27

Well, you can just not pickup the flashlight if you don't want to. ;)

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